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What is Math Power Hour?

The purpose of Math Power Hour (MPH) is to target both the student’s establishment of a firm fundamental understanding of early math concepts but also to foster confidence and a positive attitude towards learning math.

Why is it important?

*Studies have shown that math and early numeracy skills are the greatest predictors of educational and future career success. *It is agreed that math is the gateway to college.
*Many student’s math achievement potential is misidentified at an early age and never corrected.


Volunteers will go through a brief training and will be provided in-class tool kits. Volunteer assistance will allow teachers to break their Math hour session into smaller groups allowing for more intense instruction with students. Students will also be provided with more individualized attention.  Volunteers will be asked to complete a background check and the expectation is to spend at least 1 hour per day in a classroom for an entire semester.

Identified student groups and schools

Identified Student Groups: MPH’s focus will be the 1st and the 2nd-grade years in advance of 3rd-grade testing the following elementary schools: Washington, Norma Combs, McKinley, Jackson, Willard, Altadena.

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